Food Preparation One-Handed Kitchen Set MAXI

for disabled people, stroke survivors, Parkinson’s and arthritis’ patients and people with limited hand use

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With our One-Handed Cutting Board & Disability Kitchen Aids you will be able to:

✓ peel vegetables and fruit quickly and easily;

✓ grate cheese, carrot and other foodstuff using only one hand with standard large 4-sided grater;

✓ fix and cut into pieces even large foodstuff, e.g. pumpkins;

✓ make sandwiches with one hand;

✓ use our board as a serving board or a breakfast board.

Our Adaptive Kitchen Utensils will be particularly useful for:

✓ one-handed persons;

✓ persons with hand-disability;

✓ people with hemiparesis;

✓ stroke-survivors;

✓ people with tremor in their hands;

✓ elderly people with weakness in their hands;

✓ people with visual impairments;

✓ Parkinson’s and arthritis patients.

Cook-Helper Set MAXI includes:

✓ Peeling aid

✓ Clamping & Slicing Aid

✓ Grating aid with vegetable peeler

✓ Grater

✓ Cutting board

✓ Bread stops

✓ Food holding spikes

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