Review of the Cook-Helper set by German blogger Dirk Wiedler

Cutting board Cook-Helper for one-handed people and stroke survivors

We would like to share a review of our set by the German blogger Dirk Wiedler. Dirk is also a stroke survivor and runs his own blog about living after a stroke.
We asked Dirk to give us an honest review, we didn’t pay him anything and we don’t influence his opinion in any way.

Original article in German here. Photo by Dirk Wiedler.

Below is a short excerpt from the article.


You don’t have to do any major assembly. As you can see in the picture, the rail that contains the peeler and the holder for the grater is already mounted. However, this rail can be easily removed by means of a single adjusting screw.
And if you have ordered the cutting attachment for food (Maxi set), you can then attach it there. It is possible to attach the peeler/grater and the cutting attachment at the same time, but then of course it is no longer really ergonomic. In my opinion, a longer board would be much less practical.


The 4 anti-slip feet on the underside hold the board very well in the desired position. Even when I used the grater, it didn’t slip.
As I am always responsible for the potatoes in our house, I have of course tested the peeler extensively and am really pleased with it, it is nice and sharp and there is no danger of the peeler slipping all the time. The board itself is equipped with bread stops and nails for fastening the dishes. These really make a lot of things easier. The board can also be ordered alone without accessories (grater & slicing attachment)!