This adaptive kitchen accessory on Cook-Helper®'s one-handed cutting board will allow you to easily dice fruits, vegetables, slice bread, open yogurt or a can only with one hand or weak, trembling hands.
Clamps Features
  • Adjustable
    Ensures a secure hold on various items, making them easier to handle and cut.
  • Easy Dicing
    Designed to make slicing bread and dicing any vegetables or fruits effortless, even with just one hand or with weak, trembling hands.
  • Secure Grip
    Our cutting board's clamps secures food for easy one-handed slicing and dicing.
Dicing bell pepper using adjustable clamps on an adaptive cutting board.
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Adjustable Clamps: Easy One-Handed Food Prep

Our adjustable clamps, installed on a bamboo and plastic one-handed board, are designed to facilitate the process of slicing bread and dicing vegetables and fruits with one hand or weak, trembling hands. These clamps make food preparation significantly easier and more convenient for people with disabilities or stroke survivors.

The adjustable clamps can also hold yogurt cups or cans, allowing you to open them easily with one hand. This highlights their versatility and importance as a kitchen gadgets for disabled.

How To Adjust?
To adjust the clamps, simply loosen the screw with the black head slightly and slide the clamp along the rails either closer to or further from the other clamp, depending on the size and shape of the product. This simple mechanism ensures a secure hold on various items, making them easier to handle and cut with only one hand or weak, trembling hands.
In conclusion, our adjustable clamps demonstrate how Cook-Helper®'s kitchen gadgets can adapt to the needs of people with disabilities, providing them with convenience and functionality. They help individuals recovering from a stroke and others with limited abilities to handle tasks that once seemed difficult, making the process of food preparation accessible and safe.
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